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What Is the difference between
Excel vs Invoicing software for freelancers ?

excel vs cozybills
best invoicing software for freelancers
Cozybills - Invoicing software for freelancers

How can Cozybills help ?

CRM software

The Client Relationship Manager is an essential tool for any business that wants to build and maintain strong relationships with their clients.

Quoting software

This tool is a huge time saver, extremely helpful, win more business and close more deals.

Invoicing software

Best invoicing software for freelancers will help you manage contracts, generate custom invoices and send them to your customers by email to save time.

Beautiful dashboards

Run and grow your business inside one smart platform. : annual revenue, sales in-progress….

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Use cases


You can better organize yourself and grow your business within a smart platform.​


You can simplify all the accounting part by generating your invoices via our platform.


You are with your customer on site, you can send him a quote in 2 minutes.

Small Businesses

You can focus on your growth with the 360 view of the customer.