How Can Help You In Your Business ?

Irrespective of your business model, software as a service (SaaS), subscription, recurring revenue, or a combination – it takes countless steps to keep your business profitable and efficient. One such application that is critical to the health of your organization is customer relationship management (CRM). As the name implies, CRM helps you better manage your customer relationships across sales, marketing, customer service, and digital commerce interactions.

Let us read about Cozybills, an essential productivity tool made for freelancers and entrepreneurs that can help you manage your business better.

Benefits Of Cozybills

  • Cozybills, as a standalone system, helps your business get transformed into a powerhouse of information. This growth tool for freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs helps you:
  • Access a complete revenue generation picture on each account. This includes syncing product usage, invoicing, and payment data to opportunities, quotes, and accounts.
  • Helps you efficiently manage usage-based billing, subscriptions, and physical product transactions
  • Improve forecasting and identify opportunities by providing a holistic and 360-degree view to sales reps into the timing and amount of revenue per customer.
  • Helps you generate revenue automatically and accurately as soon as the deal is won.
  • Helps your teams with on-demand, immediate access to customer lifetime value, recurring revenue projections, outstanding invoices, product revenue, and receivable timing.
  • Offers a seamless experience to customers with a single source of truth by incorporating customer data, billing, and invoicing.
  • Helps your customer service team quickly and proactively resolve issues. It also helps them significantly improve upsell results.
  • Reduce human errors and improve workplace productivity. timeline

If you have not yet started invoicing with Cozybills, here are the top reasons why you start now!

  • Saves time, effort, and money:     Cozybills helps you leverage the best of CRM, Sales, and Billing software      by cutting out unnecessary steps of the existing processes and systems.      This helps you save invaluable time, effort, and money while moving your      focus to more productive tasks.
  • Reduces mistakes: Cozybills helps you avoid mistakes and typos by reducing manual input and increasing      automation.
  • Reduces paper      consumption:      Cozybills lets you send documents electronically. This helps you reduce      your business’s carbon footprint and contribute to the environment.
  • Easier to track: Using Cozybills,      you can easily check on paid, sent, viewed, and pending invoices.
  • Easy to      customize:     With Cozybills, it becomes completely easy and safe to create and edit      invoices without wasting time on editing spreadsheet modules.
  • Increased data      integrity:     From a buyer’s perspective, invoices created through Cozybills reduce the      risk of fraudulent transactions and bills.
  • A higher degree      of control:     One of the best things about Cozybills is      that it helps you gain a higher degree of control, insights,      accountability, and transparency. You can easily get a complete overview      of your invoicing through out-of-the-box analytics and automated reports.
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Improve workflows for all your customer-facing teams with Cozybills now! Deliver more personal customer experiences and generate new revenue streams by proactively launching new products and services to delight your customers. Start your 30-degree free and no commitment trial with Cozybills now!