How Sales Teams Can Leverage CRM Software To Hit Their Revenue Goals ?

Every sales manager wants to have a result-focused and target-driven sales team. However, staying in complete charge of the sales pipeline and successfully lead a sales team is more than just a few numbers. This is simply because every sales agent is different and every organization has its own set of methods and processes. Therefore, it becomes overwhelming at times to keep every member of the sales team productive and motivated. Now comes the big question – what differentiates high-performing sales teams and their managers from the underperformers? timeline

According to a study by Harvard Business Review involving interviews with more than 1,000 top salespeople from some of the world’s most reputed companies and over 800 salespeople and sales leaders, 52 percent of top-performing salespeople identified themselves as power users who take complete advantages of CRM technology.

How To Create And Nurture High-Performance Sales Teams?

  • Formalize your sales processes: According to many studies, there is a direct and significant correlation between effective sales pipeline management and revenue growth. Harvard Business Review revealed that organizations that were able to define themselves as having a seamless and efficient an effective sales process reported a 15 percent increase in revenue growth when compared to companies that didn’t. It was also revealed that organizations that focus on training sales managers on pipeline management, spending at least 3 hours a month on pipeline management, and emphasizing on a clearly defined sales process noticed 28 percent higher revenue growth. How do you create a formal sales process? Well, the answer lies in a CRM. A Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you clearly define stages, processes, systems, and milestones that can then be correlated with the buying journey of your customers. This helps in guiding sales reps make more streamlined and impactful efforts to close more deals and win more customers. For instance, you can use Cozybills (a growth tool for freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs) to incorporate your organization’s best practices and ensure that each member of your sales, marketing, and customer service team is working in a consistent and structured way. Cozybills can also help you guide every agent and track every sale to speed up the entire sales process.
  • Create a single point of truth: For every business, success is dependent primarily on accurate sales forecasting. Accurate sales forecasts help in ensuring that your teams are on track for revenue targets and represent a realistic view of their sales pipelines. This is where a CRM software comes useful as the collected CRM data can be used to track all key performance indicators such as deal values, set targets, customer profiles, deal status, and so on. Using Cozybills, you can easily access a series of predefined reports and customizable dashboard to visualize your progress, take corrective actions (if required), and get the most out of your data.
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